ChromShell Up Close

CHROMSHELL® extends the ARION® phases in the area of core-shell technology. These columns use an ultra high purity silica of 2.6 μm particles. 

  • Ultrapure silica with low metal content
  • Various chemistries including HILIC for broad range of applications
  • 130 m2/g surface area



arion up close 1


Particle size 2.6 μm
Metal content <10 ppm
Temperature stability 100 °C*
Mean particle diameter 2.54±0.18 μm
Proximity to the shape of Circle 0.95±0.04

* Depends on mobile phase used and silica bonding



CHROMSHELL® phases Particle size (µm) Pore size (Å) Surface area (m2/g) Carbon load pH stability Endcapping 100% aqueous mobile phase USP code
C18 Plus 2.6 85 130 9 % 1.5 to 7.5  Single-step × L1
C18-XB 2.6 85 130 8 % 1.5 to 8 Single-step × L1
C18-AB 2.6 85 130  6 % 1.5 to 8  Mixed   × L1
C18 Polar 2.6 85 130  6.5 %  1.5 to 7 Mixed   yes L1
HILIC 2.6 85 130  –  1.5 to 7 Proprietary  × L3
Si 2.6 85 130  –  1.5 to 7  × L3


What does CHROMSHELL quality look like?

CHROMSHELL® particles have a very tight distribution and the highest proximity to the shape of a spherical particle (c=0,9483 ± 0,0397). This ensures high separation power and separation reproducibility.

arion up close 2a arion up close 2a arion up close 2a arion up close 2a
CHROMSHELL® 100 × 100 Competitor K 100 × 100 CHROMSHELL® 30 × 30 Competitor K 30 × 30

 SEM HV analysis 20.0 kV, view field 100 and 30 μm (by independent laboratory)

The CHROMSHELL® media does not include broken or “potato-shaped” particles. The silica spherical shape is unique; both surface uniformity and surface smoothness enable better packing into HPLC columns and therefore paramount chromatography resolution and reproducibility.


The 3-micron electron microscope field clearly shows the highest quality of CHROMSHELL® particles.

arion up close 2a arion up close 2a
arion up close 2a arion up close 2a
Competitor K - view A Competitor K - view B


Main particle characteristics:

  • High proximity to a circle
  • Unique surface smoothness 
  • Tight particle size distribution
  • No broken particles
  • No presence of clustered particles
  • No “Moon craters or mountains”


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