ARION® Guard System holder for 5 mm cartridges, PEEK ferrule, up to 400 bar, 1 pc


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The Arion® Guard System Holder with PEEK ferrule is intended to be used up to 400 bars. Compared to the AGS system equipped with the stainless steel ferrules, PEEK ferrule can be used with different column end-fittings (the stainless steel ferrule gets stuck in a certain position and can only be used with the same HPLC column hardware).

The ferrule has dimensions 1/16” and can be also used with 1/16” OD PEEK tubing. It fits to any Vici (Cheminert) fittings of the same dimensions. Maximum pressure of PEEK ferrules depends on the tubing used. Max. pressure of 400 bars is for 1/16” OD tubing with ID 0.05 to 0.18 mm.

Main benefits
  • Universal – virtually to any column
  • The lowest influence on retention times compare to other guard systems
  • Small size for easier installation in the HPLC column oven
  • Any orientation of the cartridge
  • Pressure rating up to 900 bars (holder)
  • No need to use 2 cartridges with connection ring for enhanced capacity

Note: Both AGS holders (with SS and PEEK ferrule) have the same construction and dimension and use the same AGS cartridges.

Port compatibility

This holder works for Agilent, Halo, Phenomenex, Parker, Chromservis and most other manufacturers except Waters.

Additional information

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