ARION® Plus C18 HPLC column, 15 µm 150 mm × 10 mm


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Like ARION is one of the latest objects found in the space, so it also is workhorse for your application. Explore new line of HPLC columns ARION®. What new bring this column to you?

  • Strict quality control of alkaline and heave metals content during silica gel production process
  • Narrow particle size and pore size distribution
  • Unique production process ensuring high lot-to-lot reproducibility
  • Good stability at higher temperatures
Main particle characteristics:
  • The highest proximity to the circle
  • Unique surface smoothness
  • Tight particle size distribution
  • No broken particles
  • No presence of clustered particles
  • No “Moon craters or mountains”
ARION® Plus Silicagel
Endcapping Multi-step
USP Code L1
Mean particle diameter
Surface area 420 m2/g
Proximity to the shape of Circle 0.96±0.04
Temperature stability 100 °C
pH stability 1.0 to 10

Note: Temperature stability depends on mobile phase used and silica bonding

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Particle Size (µm)

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