ASTRA® DM HPLC column, 3,0 µm 100 mm × 2,1 mm

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Astra® DM HPLC columns offer a new generation phase with a novel structure – a polar embedded phase with a polar selector (proprietary stationary phase). This stationary phase has been developed in co-operation with a university workplace. The Astra® DM column offers excellent peak shape for bases like amines or amino acids. This functional group also perfectly separates various APIs compared with traditional C18 phases. This HPLC column as also used for monitoring of impurities in pharmaceutical drugs or infusion solutions.

Astra® DM HPLC columns are complementary to Astra® C18-HE and both are produced in the Czech Republic under strict quality control.

Aplications on Astra®HPLC columns are available at ARIONCHROMATOG­RAPHY

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