ARION® columns offer a variety of particle sizes and column designs for all of your separation needs.
They offer the highest possible resolution and enhanced sensitivity for faster analysis and consistent reproducibility.

Why choose ARION®, ASTRA®, and CHROMSHELL® HPLC and UHPLC columns?

Fast, reliable, and consistent results for HPLC and UHPLC applications. Improve your chromatography with the latest column technology. Our columns are manufactured to a variety of column sizes, particle sizes, column phases, and styles to meet your application needs.

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Introducing ARION®!

As ARION® is one of the latest objects found in the space, so it also is the latest workhorse for your application. Explore our new line of HPLC columns ARION®. What innovations does this column bring to you?

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ARION® Phases

  • C18 Plus

  • C18 Polar

  • C8

  • Phenyl-Butyl

  • NH₂

  • CN

  • HILIC Plus

  • Si

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ASTRA® Phases

  • C18-HE

  • C18-AQ

  • DM

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Introducing ASTRA®!

The ASTRA® has been developed in the Czech Republic to offer an alternative to a broad range of general HPLC columns. ASTRA® brings a completely new and unique stationary phase with a polar-embedded group to offer complementary selectivity.

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Introducing CHROMSHELL®!

CHROMSHELL® extends the ARION® phases in the area of core-shell technology. These columns use an ultra high purity silica of 2.6 μm particles.

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  • C18 Plus

  • C18-XB

  • C18-AB

  • C18 Polar

  • Si

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Guard Column System

The ARION® Guard System (AGS) is a universal guard system, which can be connected to almost any column hardware on the market. It is easy to use and it offers the shortest retention time shift of analytes in comparison with other major manufacturers. The AGS consists of a guard holder and guard cartridge, which is offered with various silica materials according to the stationary phase in the HPLC column used.


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